Muse: Manisha Malik

Embracing what society sees as imperfections and considering it as normal & natural, presenting our muse, a digital content creator, Manisha Malik

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“The scars you share become lighthouses for other people who are headed to the same rocks you hit.”
-John Acuff

In a world where unrealistic beauty standards are ironically considered to be the epitome of beauty and today’s generation is swamped under the veil of filters, Manisha Malik, an influencer & digital content creator is breaking stereotypes. Manisha has a skin condition called vitiligo, which results in the loss of skin pigmentation. The way she discovered herself and maneuvered the power of being an influencer to help women with the same gift to feel normal in flaunting the marks, is what made us choose her our muse of the month.

women empowerment, vitiligo, manisha malik, instagram influencer

Manisha recalls that growing up, her whole life revolved around vitiligo. She went to different doctors trying different treatments to make her skin look “normal”, only to realise vitiligo is, in actuality, normal and natural. To see beauty in imperfections is the essence of living which Manisha mastered.
“No one will take a stand for you until you take a stand for yourself,” is what Manisha is a true believer of.

She was tired of fixing her skin color and finally decided to speak up about it.

“The moment I spoke up about my condition, I felt relieved. It felt as if the burden I had been carrying all my life had lifted. I felt happier and life became easier. It made me realise that when you start loving yourself, people around you start loving that about you, and they start seeing through your skin condition. It all starts with us.”

Wearing her vitiligo as a badge of honor, rather than seeing it as a disease, she is definitely normalising society’s way around beauty standards. She is truly an inspiration as she shares her experiences not only to help those with the skin condition, but to also help raise awareness and break myths related to vitiligo.

It’s high time we all have a broader concept of beauty…a more inclusive one. That would prevent us from comparing ourselves with others, appreciate and be gratified by what we have.

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