Mother’s Day Gifting Guide

While sending a big bouquet or just giving a call to your mom to wish her Mother’s Day may seem enough, but then it is also something EVERYONE is doing out there. Mothers are an essential part of our lives, they have been there for you all through no matter what and you are probably wearing a shirt your mom chose for you right now… So, doing something extra or a little more than what you usually do is a great way to let your mother know that you appreciate what she does and that you love her! From dresses, to jewellery to decor pieces, we’ve got you covered for the 14th of May. That said don’t forget to give her a call as well…

Sets that are elegant, comfortable and reflect your true sense of personality.


Scarves to help you beat the sun’s heat in style…


Cushion Covers that make your mom’s guests feel at home are right here.


Utility home decor pieces to help make your mom’s kitchen look chic and classy…


A lovely Liva top that is not only breathable for the summers but made from 100% natural fibers!


A piece of jewellery is that will never get out of style or fashion is a must have…




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