A Playlist for When the Skies Pour

Music, a healer for some, an escape for many, has everyone swinging to their feet when played in the right mood, with the right playlist. There is no wrong time for music, whether you are working, reading a book to unwind yourself, have a super peppy mood to dance to some tunes or taking a road trip, there is music for every single mood, occasion, time and place. We’ve all taken to road either solo or with our close ones during the usual holiday seasons, but while travelling during the monsoon season may not be recommended at certain areas, even going for those quite long drives when the skies open up and awash the streets with their first showers, some monsoon worthy music playing in the backdrop just adds to the vibe. 

We have especially curated a monsoon playlist of 10 songs from all genres of music for you to enjoy every passing mood that comes along with the heavenly pitter-patter.












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    tosnin zaman

    Amazing collection. I like the most
    “The Local Train – Dil Mere (Official)”
    Thanks for sharing


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