Mom Achievers Summit 2017

Moms play a major role in our lives, and it is quite often that we forget how important they are. Some choose to be working moms, others like staying at home, but whatever they do, many-a-times even they forget to take care of themselves, to take time out for themselves, to take a break from the multitudes of responsibilities and indulge in something that makes them feel good about themselves.

And Gurgaon Moms is one such platform that definitely understands this need. Hence, when they recently organised an “empowering, rejuvenating and inspiring” conference for Women as part of Women’s Day 2017 celebrations, we were proud to be one of the co-sponsors of the event. The #momsurecan event celebrated mothers who have excelled in their respective fields apart from handling the full-time job of being a mother.

The ‘Mom Achievers Summit’ was all about praising and appreciating the efforts of hundreds of enterprising and socially active Mothers. The idea was to spread the message that it was completely fine to not be omnipresent, to not be a perfectionist, to not being able to multi-task but to create an all new impression and definition of what a Mom truly is. To take out time for herself, to share responsibilities at home and indulge in her passion is something we all need to remind the mothers around us.

Vajor as a brand is highly supportive of such women who have achieved so much in their lives, and ‘Mom Achievers Summit’ was the perfect place where we were getting a chance to meet these stunning and inspirational women who have not just done well professionally but also on their personal front. Without a doubt we wanted to experience the energy levels of these women and celebrate the spirit of womanhood. It is women like these who are our inspiration and Vajor was there to express its admiration and support towards them…






We salute such women who are able to set an example and become inspirations for many moms out there.

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