Millennial Bohemian Silhouettes

We are the ones inspired by the appearance of a bohemian of the new millennium. We are intrigued by the mix of classic bohemian aesthetics with the very modern. The one who is aware, conscious and mindful but also artistic, spiritual & soulful. We are the modern bohemians!

When Vajor set out to create “Root”, as it was aptly named, the idea was to create clothing that was basic, grounded and yet would go places with you! A collection to truly compliment the nomad in you. 



Root was all about its silhouettes. It was clear that the silhouettes had to be basic, bohemian (breaking it down to breezy and billowing), comfortably transitional and most importantly travel friendly! The most beloved Vajor silhouettes were painted in earthy colors to make them a year round essential so they would effortlessly go from summer to winter. The idea was to bring the minimal conventional bohemian-chic silhouettes to our tribe and make everyday ‘basics’ not-so-boring! 



The collection is a reflection of ‘being a bohemian at heart’. The tiered skirts, flared outlines of the legs, relaxed traveller bottoms, button-down dresses – every garment speaks the language of the free-spirited travellers. The color palette is a highlight in itself and sees sage green, monk maroon, ochre yellow, palm green, cerulean blue and crisp whites!



All the above illustrations are products from our ROOT collection and can be found on our website





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