Mazel Tov! We turned one!

Our Vajor stores ‘turned one’. Marking a major celebratory milestone, we organised events across all the stores in all the three cities. The events saw some of the most exhilarating activities and workshops that initiated interesting conversations accompanied by some fun and some insight.

Our Delhi store witnessed some of the most fun and intuitive activities.

The Art Of Knot-Tying (Macrame Workshop) – Macrame, a knotty trend, is the backbone of the modern bohemian home decor and lifestyle. We at Vajor, as we proudly call ourselves a tribe of modern bohemians, conducted a Macrame workshop where people were shown beginner tips and tricks to get started. The workshop was headed by Diya who goes by the name ‘copper fringe’ on Instagram where she taught women how to make their own little wall hangings.

The Style Talk (Styling Workshop) – An intelligent style talk, lead by Vani Verma who goes by ‘vagavoom’ on Instagram got us a few insights on how to style yourself to work everyday. “As a person, I always make sure that I spend at least 15-20 mins in the morning planning my entire outfit. I dislike dressing shabbily to work or dressing like I don’t care!”, said Vani who is a Knitwear Designer and a famous blogger. “Also, never ask for validation, from your partner, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or your mom. You know yourself the best and you should be the only judge of your look!”

Besides the interesting workshops happening across the stores, we had some amazing food indulgences too. In a collaboration with ‘Honey and Dough’ – a bakery house that exhibited their delicious baked goodies. People were seen drowning in their cup-cakes and tarts.

To make things interesting and engaging, we had lucky winners announced every hour. And as a token of Vajor’s appreciation for people’s presence at the store launch, Vajor gave out special discounts to its beloved customers.

The stores at Chennai and Pune also witnessed plant give-aways, cookies and tarts to indulge in and special discounts for our beloved tribe.

Vajor, as we are a community driven organisation, aims to nurture its community and tribe members. Events like these act as a catalyst for like-minded people to gather at the same place and exchange conversations about the things that matter to all of us.

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