Masterminds that emerged during the Quarantine!

Are you one of those who has counted the number of lights in your room everyday only to come up with the same answer again and again? Have you deliberately messed up your wardrobe only so you could pass the next 5 hours cleaning it? OR are you one of those who just came up with an invention of their own! While the best of us are struggling to even go beyond 2 hours out of 24, it is important to not feel pressured to complete your goals that have temporarily been stalled. It’s time to take reference and learn from our past. History has produced some of the best known geniuses and given us some major breakthroughs only because these geniuses were in ‘Quarantine’ or some other kind of isolation that forced them to stay at home. 

Sir Isaac Newton

The most ground-breaking theory that came out of quarantine was when London was hit by the epidemic of the bubonic plague in 1665. Newton, a student of the Cambridge university, decided to spend most of his time in his garden where an apple happened to hit him in the head and voila! The world was introduced to the theory of ‘Gravitational Pull’. 

William Shakespeare

At about the same time, in the countryside, Shakespeare dedicated his entire time closed within his quarters writing the most significant plays of the literary world. The Playwright wrote, ‘King Lear, ‘Macbeth’ and many other poems during the London plague. 

Edvard Munch

Talking about an artist, being born with weak immunity, Munch constantly fell ill during his lifetime, which forced him to stay at home most of the time. He even caught the deadly Spanish flu during 1918, and produced some of his best works while sick and in quarantine. 

Frida Kahlo 


One of the most notable artists in history, Kahlo was known to win the hearts of many with her vibrant personality that could be seen in the form of her paintings. Forced to stay in bed for most of her life for contracting polio at the age of 6 and then having met with an accident later in her life, Kahlo used the mirror above her head to create her self portraits. 

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