Making Of: Land Of The Blue God

This right here is an exclusive, raw, unadulterated & candid peek into the making of our Land Of The Blue God editorial…

The experience of travelling all the way to the majestic Vrindavan with our entire crew & shooting this collection is simply beyond words! And so, we are here to give you an insider’s view… First and foremost, Vrindavan is this old city in Northern India settled on the riverbank of Yamuna that lends its colour and essence to our collection. It is much more than a mere shoot location for our collection. It is what has given birth to the idea of combining blue denim ( symbolic of the river Yamuna ) with bright ikat fabrics and embroidery ( symbolic of the raw and colorful city life). Being an old city with so much of historical and religious significance, it was enlightening to explore it in depth. The place has so much personality! Narrow streets with old, rustic walls… Bright ornate doors at almost every corner… Old, really old houses! But, the most worthwhile part of the town is undoubtedly the “Ghat”. Bustling with colours, people and life, it is what the collection actually embodies.


It took us 4 hours to get to Vrindavan from Gurgaon… We left way before sun break to get a head-start on our day! While exploring the city, we stumbled upon this beautiful, rustic “Dharamshala”. It was an old temple whose vast premises had basically been restored and were being used a place for travelers to stay. It’s ornate walls and high arches served as the perfect set-up for us. While people went about their daily routines of worshiping, drying their beautiful sarees over the garden hedge and gossiping away under the shade of old trees, we went about creating our own story. Our model was so in awe of the place and its ambiance that the role of being a carefree, lost traveler came naturally to her!



Kids playing in the premises were all curious about the foreign elements in their town, mostly the camera & equipment. They struck a conversation with us wanting to know why we are here, and once we explained our “we-mean-no-harm” reason of being in their territory, the little ones were more than eager to be a part of the whole thing! In fact, some of our sequences were made possible because of these curious, playful souls who ran along the alleys with us, brought us flowers and garlands and dove into the river to show off their skills! The people altogether of this charming city are warm, welcoming & helpful. You need no guide to explore Vrindavan, the residents are more than willing to give you all the details of their beloved origin.


The weather during this time of the year (July-August) can be pretty humid & hot… But then, nothing that a bottle of water can not cure! And to top that, you will find that their local preparations of summer coolers like Lassi, buttermilk and instant pospsicles (gola) are an added bonus!


The most astonishing incident happened while roaming the narrow streets leading to the ghats when a monkey managed to run off with one of our crew’s spectacles! It all happened so quick, that we were left with our mouths gaping open… Everyone staring at the monkey perched high on a roof chewing on the spectacles! The locals then told us that it is pretty common in the area and the monkeys are notoriously known to sneak away with food and sunglasses! In the end, we managed to get the spectacles back with the help of a group of kids (they seemed pretty skilled in dealing with monkeys). Nobody wore their spectacles/sunglasses after that and mostly laughed a lot about the whole thing!
When we come to think of it, Vrindavan has a huge population of monkeys. And also, peacocks and cows… It is amusing for us urban dwellers who are used to seeing only concrete jungles and traffic jams around us.


Even after a lot of planning and constant weather checks, the rains did decide to greet us amidst the shoot. Initially, the entire crew was brought down with worry of the chances of the shots getting ruined. The sensitive equipment in hand, guarding the model with the only umbrella we could find… We all stood on the ghat, taking shelter under its arches. And this was the moment when we saw it, the true spirit of Vrindavan unfolding in front of us… Suddenly, people started filling into the area, gathering and forming groups. The Ghat was, within moments, full of life! A group of girls sitting together and sewing garlands, a group singing beautiful local folk songs… A group of kids who were running off the high pedestals of the ghat and diving into the river causing even more ripples on the surface of the Yamuna than the rain drops. In that moment of utter chaos around us, we found our moment of calm! We were as foreign to this land as we could get, yet, we experienced a moment of belonging!
As much as we were worried about the sudden shift in weather, we realized all it did was cool down the air around us and make the video look even more beautiful with the wet stones of the ghat and a deep blue sky! The rain gave the Ghat an all together another personality. The colors got deeper & brighter, the river flowed with more grace and everything went from being beautiful to being just perfect!

It even gave us the opportunity to actually stand in a corner and admire our surroundings while sipping on hot “kulhad wali chai” (read tea)!

To summarize it, the experience was one of a kind! We faced and overcame challenges that shooting in confined locations had never presented… We got to actually travel for work (who doesn’t dream of working like that)! And, we were able to do justice to our story and bring to you a fresh perspective on Vrindavan, the Land Of The Blue God! We, as a brand, have always stressed upon the necessity of traveling… And we have also, always said that we are more about giving you an experience than just products. This being our very first travel editorial, stresses on both our beliefs. That exploring a place and traveling is an essential enlightenment that a person truly needs, and that Vajor is so much more than a collection of clothes. We believe in making sense, making an impact and having something meaningful to say with all our stories. Let us pledge to make time to truly travel, explore the world around us and who knows… We might actually find ourselves while being lost in a faraway land.



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