Live Life #LiveGently

Why Earth Day Is Important?

– If you are someone who is active on social media platforms and  even a slightly aware human being, you already are aware of the many reasons why we are in dire need of every single day being an “Earth Day”. Climate change, depleting natural resources, extinct/endangered species, growing heaps of toxic waste, melting polar ice caps, etc are few concerns that should have all our alarms blaring. But, how many of us are actually “concerned” about saving the world we live in. No we cannot all be heroes and save the planet much like a Marvel superhero. Yet, small steps do matter largely at the moment. We can not sugar coat facts here, but, we can share a simple mantra. However simple it may seem, following these two words can actually make a difference.

Live Gently

What do these words mean, you ask? Well, we are being very literal here. Be gentle in your way of life and cause minimum or preferably no harm to your natural surroundings. It can start from not littering, closing the tap, switching off electrical appliances when not in use, reducing use of plastic around the house, following the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), etc to teaching this mantra to your friends and family. It might seem like a frugal attempt at the beginning but, consider a life lived like this… Wouldn’t you find a life lived gently on the planet much more significant than one lived in ignorance?


Below are our small steps towards #LiveGently:

  1. Donating a portion of our sales between 16th to 30th April to who will plant trees on behalf of Vajor and all its shoppers for a greener planet.
  2. Spreading awareness and sharing tips through our social media that can guide you on some simple steps on how to #LiveGently. Follow us to learn more on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. 

For every order you place, Grow Trees will provide you with a certificate for being a part of this joint initiative.

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