Live Gently, Vajor.

Being completely sustainable in practicality and our approach has always been the idea at the very core of the brand’s purpose in the market since its inception. We are working more and more to turn all the screws from the very base level to the brim to get the wheel of an eco-conscious organization up and running as we walk baby steps but steps that are also carefully and mindfully taken towards being conscious and today, we proudly tell about ourselves as a tribe that follows sustainable and organic practices, uses ingredients sourced from the mother earth for our products while shunning plastic and polyester on our way.

Rooted And Mindful Experiences

The ease and convenience of the modern society brings with it a multitude of modern problems and an impact on the environment that has lasting consequences. We all witness everyday the heaps of trash that we take out from our homes and yet only a few choose to do something about it.

To celebrate Earth Day this year, Vajor hosted a conscious living experience at Bangalore in the form of a “Zero Waste” workshop for its equally conscious tribe of community members. The workshop, spearheaded by team ‘SKRAP’ (a Mumbai based firm that takes up projects of waste management and waste reduction for a sustainable and responsible living) , showcased a way of living that is sustainable, rooted and mindful and exhibited ways to help contribute towards healing the planet. Members who attended the workshop learnt ways of daily waste segregation and mindful consumption from experts in the field.

In another such endeavor, we also organised a special ‘Earth Bowl’ workshop in Bangalore where our tribe got a chance to get acquainted with and learn recipes that use ingredients sourced directly from the earth.

Mindfully Curated Products

Curating collections that are not just the perfect mix of functionality and the modern bohemian aesthetic, but also a reflection of our values and ethos is what we strive for. From body-friendly and natural fiber clothing to decor that feels like it came straight out of the mother earth’s womb, we always make sure that the ingredients we use for our products are sustainable and eco-friendly.

We don’t use plastic buttons but wooden ones. Our clothing line has zero polyester. We say and promote a strict NO to leather use because we love animals and all our ‘paws’ cycle towards working for animal welfare. This lies at the very inception of our brand where the entire team is an avid animal lover.

Our Home and Decor uses mostly wood and glass with minimal or no plastic at all. Also, both our jewelry and decor is lead and toxins free. We also recently launched a year round collection called ‘ROOT’ which was a tribute to the planet and is a gift from us to our tribe who believes in an eco-friendly lifestyle.

“Vajor strives to make its own difference in the world and contribute towards the earth as much as possible. We are a bunch of incurable environment romantics and find ways to give back to the planet rather than taking away from it. ‘Live well by throwing away less’.”

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