Entrancingly Kutch – Truly Yours

Down the vast expanse of white sand of Kutch, awash with moonlight, imagine taking a stroll with a serene calmness around you. You hair looks like black flames amidst the white sand and guided by those millions of magnanimously tiny flashlights in the sky, you walk uninhibited, free-spirited, letting your mind wander. A story shall start taking shape that you shall narrate in your soirees, all listeners entranced. 

Our latest collection speaks of the exact same whimsical feeling. This collection is a pure work of imagination married with fantasy. Giving birth to some intricate embroidery inspired from Kutch, with attention to detail and fabrics that flow with the slightest of winds showing there is movement even in stillness. 

Enjoy every piece of this collection and let the fabrics glide on you.     


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