Millennial’s Jewellery Starter Pack

In the age of social media when looking ‘unique’, ‘different’, ‘out-of-the-box’ is the new rage, our grandmas and moms sit wondering why in the world we are so proud of sporting trends like ripped jeans, sunglasses that barely block the sun or wear jewellery that immediately catches the attention with distinctive patterns and shapes… Well, while our previous generation may not understand 21st century’s fashion choices, we as individuals know exactly what we need to put us in the spotlight and let the trend we’re sporting be a conversation starter!

To help you be that ‘extra’ when it comes to fashion in a modern boho way, Vajor has come out with some real quirky jewellery that we betcha can’t find anywhere else! So, here’s a toast to making more eyes turn, to letting more conversations pour in and not to forget, to making our grandmas and moms raise their eyebrows in the name of fashion! Amen.

You ask what do we love about these quirky earrings? Well, dont the birds and the cacti excite you enough! Always invest in good jewellery items that make a huge impact no matter the occasion and outfit.

So, whether you are a minimalist or maximalist when it comes to styling themselves, these jewellery pieces hit just the right spot. For a minimalist who loves to dress up clean and simple, and for a maximalist who believes more is less, these earrings can be the perfect showstoppers that can give any look that added sartorial edge. In colour-popping tones, and interesting quirky patterns & shapes, they are a staple in every girls accessories stash, a foolproof way to elevate any look…




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