Its Time To Transform Your Work Desk!

A great looking workspace is what all of us have dreamt about but the real problem lies with actually organizing the chaos that follows. Have you ever considered the thought that with a little work here and there, your office desk space could actually be a real stress buster! The most chaotic space of your life could be a source of positive energy and feel good vibes! Liking the sound of this idea, then pull your socks up and follow the lead to a better and brighter workspace, filled with life and energy.

A Splash Of Some Go- Green Vibes: Adding a vase of flowers to your desk, whether you treat yourself to them or they are a gift from someone else, will help improve your mood and stress levels. The scent and sight of them seem to have a therapeutic effect on human beings, meaning that they are a great way to help keep yourself going during a tough day at the office. Succulents are the “it” plant these days and if you are not into the whole floral vibe, pick up a succulent which is low maintenance and adds a refreshing touch to your desk.

A Subtle Way To Save Some Time: A lot of us are probably in the bad habit of pulling out our cell phones to check the time while we are at work. When that happens, we get distracted by text messages, voicemails or Facebook and Instagram notifications, which can reduce our productivity. In order to fix this, think about adding a fun clock to the wall above your desk.


Just Stick Those Notes: What desk would be complete without them? They can be used for organizational purposes, to color code edits and tasks or as an artsy way for notes of encouragement. A pack of sticky notes is a definite plus to any desk.


When In Need Of Some Boost: Adding a little low-key music to your routine at work can help you increase productivity by drowning out the people working around you. This allows you to focus on the task at hand. Sometimes, an office environment can get very loud with phones ringing and people talking, so if your job allows it, listening to music at your desk is a great way to get your productivity up and your stress levels down.


How About Some Old School Tricks: While you should have a digital calendar on your computer, it’s always nice to have a word of the day or a themed calendar in your workspace. Not only will it help you learn a little each day but will be something to look forward to each time you get into the office.


Add Some Thunder: We all can use some motivation at our workplace but the question here is from where you derive your motivation from. It could be some inspirational quote, any famous personality, a book and it can surely be a toy or action figure that inspires you to conquer. So find your source of motivation and stack that thing on your work desk.


There is a whole list of ergonomic products to help create a healthy and productive workstation. These products allow you to work comfortably and reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders.

Spend some time thinking about what you need to create the perfect environment for you to work in. It’s different for everyone and you are the best judge of what you need in order to function at your best while you are at work 🙂

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