Ikat Collection: A Rejuvenating Saga

Fashion is all about the perfect espousal of classic and contemporary yet, one should never overlook comfort as a wardrobe quintessential. Here introducing a very chic collection based on the classic art : Ikat, featuring playful modern silhouettes backed with a very bright color palette filled with colors and a nomadic soul.

Ikat art is a fabric weaving technique, where one has to weave the yarn dyed warp and weft  in a certain way to create a cloudy or blurry pattern. Though it’s a globally acknowledged form of fabric weaving, it has a very renowned relevance in our ancient Indian history. In states like Gujarat and Rajasthan it’s a household name but here at Vajor we have adapted this art-foam to create a crisp, modern version of it without having any predetermined strings attached from the past.




Ikat: the art form signifies a rich culture with a twist of effortless dressing and so does our ikat collection. This is all about pocket dresses, statement jumpsuits and laid back tops and tunics in our latest rendition of the widely trending fabric. Gathers, pleats, tassels and tapes adorn comfortable silhouettes that you can spend your entire summers in. It’s  an, updated and functional reboot of it where comfort is the key and being effortless is the core. This ikat collection is all about pulling a power look in the most chic way, every garment from this collection is fun to style and easy to pull through because it’s all about individuality and a smooth transition of your unique idea of life.


This collection is a must-have for every modern women who wants to dress the part that she plays in real life.

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