Hues of the Garden

Consider going back to the basics: Start with color. Remember those days during childhood, when while mixing primary colours and paints for some used to be nothing less than a nightmare? There were definitely some who used to let their imagination run wild and come up with beautiful secondary colours and hues. Yes! We can proudly call ourselves the ‘Other kid’ in the class. That kid who loved painting, wasn’t afraid in not going by the norm and brought to life colours that instantly lit up the entire world around him. 

After seasons of asking what the next millennial pink is and being a tad bit disappointed in Pantone’s colour for 2019 being ‘Living Coral’, we decided to stray away from the general norm of the fashion industry and instead provide you with a rather safe answer to go ahead with: Hues of the Garden. 

Yes, we are talking about those muted neutrals, soft browns, and those bold yet soothing greens we are ready to embrace and stock up our wardrobes with. To tell you the truth, the year that has been, has already given us enough reasons to go easy as the year ends. And with a list of things to try, do and of course, wear in 2020 is already pretttyyyy long (given the year hasn’t even started yet), we thought we might stop by as a helping hand to sort out your wardrobe as the winter solstice approaches. 

The collections of the gone by Spring season must have you filled with colours that may have inspired you to go bolder during 2019. Colours like Yellows and not Ochre, Blood Red and not Brick Red, Oranges and not Rust, Neon Greens and not Moss Greens, Beige and not Branch Browns. But this fall, it’s all about letting go of the former and storing them in some deep corner of your wardrobe. It’s safe to say, you may want to trade your trusted bright hues and colours for the ‘Hues of the Garden. With some totally unexpected muted, minimalistic yet appealing colour palette that looks and feels like a much needed winter break… What additionally came as a relief, was when we spotted the hues on 2019 runways by a lot of A-lister ‘Who’s Who’ designers. A green flag to indicate not everyone abided by the Pantone colour of the year, ‘Living Coral’. This soon quickly took over the Instagram and subsequently over the street style fashion. Not only was this happening in just the garment fashion industry but could easily be spotted quite soon in the form of accessories as well as, as part of home decor. 


“What we also love about this color is how seamlessly it transitions between millwork, walls, furniture and accessories. Its gender neutrality also holds a special place in my heart, there’s no definition of a home feeling more masculine or feminine; it’s the perfect balance of each,” says interior designer Becky Shea.

Greens and the shades of it, are everything you ever need to bridge the gap between nature and design, between being rooted yet modern, being earthy yet being aesthetic. A survey once held to understand the colour psychology of the customers reported that, “a colour people can’t get enough of” has to be shades of green. The colour is associated with nature, confidence, high energy and promote the feelings of liveliness, freshness and creativity. So, whether you choose to wear it with classic neutrals and pastels, or bring tone on tone to life from head to toe, or want to add a throw blanket to your cozy space or even get a wall painted in the green shade of your choice along with keeping the rest of the surroundings minimalistic, the hues of the garden have an aura of their own with the ability to stand out and make a statement in the most chic way. 

Greens have a way with the world, they hold a sultry appeal to them, are intrinsic in nature, timeless in every respect and gender neutral to be taken as a cherry on the top. While the darker hues get born from and inspired by the nature and make you feel more close to it with the colour’s healing properties of the outdoors into the home. The brighter greens drift more towards an upbeat attitude. So, while the tendency of the darker shades is to spread a sense of calm and can be picked up on days when you need to hold your game together, the brighter shades giving more energetic vibe are a favorite amongst young and vibrant individuals. A colour as transformative as green and the shades of it, are sure to receive much more acclaim than it is in the recent time. 

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