How To: Develop a Kitchen Garden

Have you ever felt like you wanted to run away from this city’s busy bustling crowd to some vast acres of green lands where you can enjoy the simplicity of gardening, growing your own produce and melt in the calming nature. Embracing gardening is like embracing parenthood, it helps you grow responsible, determined, inculcates discipline and most importantly heals you from within. At the end of the day, it’s a lovely feeling to look at a beautiful grown plant you helped nurture and grow. While not many of us can afford to choose simpler lives for ourselves, here are a few things you can do to maintain a kitchen garden of your own…

While an open terrace is everyone’s dream, pick a place at your home where there is ample sunlight for the plants. A sunlit spot that gets 4-5 hours of sunlight is just enough for your plants to grow and not get burnt. You can opt for earthen pots or make your own DIY pots using left out containers, empty milk or juice cartons, plastic bottle cut-outs etc with ample drainage holes and space enough to hold your plant.

Giving your plant the right food and nutrients determines how healthy a plant grows. Get natural soil mixed with a homemade compost comprising of tea leaves, egg shells, vegetable peels and stalk to make for a great soil.

While picking a herb choose the ones you use the most often in your cooking. Be it freshly sprinkled coriander, a burst of flavour with mint or to enhance flavours with rosemary, a fresh aroma from your at-home-grown produce always tastes the best! A list of what’s easy to grow at your home:

1. Coriander /Dhania /Cilantro


3.Holy Basil/Tulsi


5.Curry Leaves/ Kadi Patta






Other methods you can adopt into your lifestyle for incorporating more greens into your space can be by creating vertical gardens. Pick a wall in your balcony and build on it. This way you’ll still be left with a lot of space and can utilise that space for something else. You can also opt for air-purifying planters that you can keep indoors. This way it will improve the air quality around your house, get rid of toxins & pollutants, reduce dust particles and keep the temperatures down during the heat. Here is a list of few indoor plants:

1.Aloe Vera

2.Peace Lily

3.English Ivy

4.Bamboo Plant

5.Spider Plant

6.Snake Plant

7.Money Plant

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