How to ace the act of layering without looking like an Eskimo

It’s almost freezing folks! That time of the year is back when you no longer get ‘brain-freeze’ because of the ice-cream you just ate but because of the super chilly and cold wind that literally blows your mind away… And all most of us can think of is what to eat to keep ourselves warm because when the temperature drops down, it’s tempting to throw fashion out the window & pile on everything that’s there in your closet until your silhouette resembles like that of an Eskimo… Half of us stop caring how we look and so the trick here is to master the act of layering, without giving up on style.

Layering is a great opportunity to mix and match patterns, colours and textures along with silhouettes to put together those Instagram worthy looks even during the darkest gloomy days of winter. So, here are our layering tricks to keep you cozy yet chic all season long without making you resemble like an Eskimo!  


Layer the right pieces  

The key is not looking over layered and bulky but to pick the right pieces. Mix & match your winter staples like jackets, turtle necks etc. to pull off an edgy yet chic look.

Proportion, Proportion!

Proportion plays a significant role in creating a well thought of look. and in creating such looks you have the freedom in experimenting to the core.Try to go for a black jumpsuit and layer it with a kaftan to play with proportions…

Layer the unexpected!

A tribal shrug over a winter dress? Oh Yes! Well, play along with layers and mix & match to set the right colours & silhouettes in place without looking sloppy.

A perfectly layered outfit accentuates your body type and adds more dimension to your winter look. So, it’s time to outsmart the unpredictable winter chill & layer up like a pro!


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