8 Ways To Reduce Plastic Usage At Home!

How Do You Make A Difference?

We’re all aware of how increased plastic usage is becoming a worldwide mess and is creating major environmental hazards and problems. All we can do is contribute in our own small way to cut down our everyday plastic usage.

We talked to our conscious team members to find out easy everyday nothings you can do to minimise consuming plastic in any way and how to substitute your plastic usage for more sustainable, eco-friendly options. If they can do it, so can you!

Linda: I, along with my family, strictly carry our own bags when out shopping for groceries to minimise the use of plastic in any form. Being a designer, I am also particular that we don’t consume polyester fabrics and clothing. Another thing that I haven’t started doing yet but will start soon is taking my own storage box to buy raw meat.

Kavya: I save my online shopping order bags from Amazon and use them as dustbin liners. And something I am really proud of and endorse heartily is substituting my sanitary napkins and tampons with a menstrual cup. It saves tons of plastic waste generated by sanitary pads. Another measure I take is wash all my tetra packs before throwing in the bin because that’s how it gets recycled once the municipal bodies take it to the dump yard.

Nitesh: I have personally stopped buying single use plastic completely. For that, I have stopped consuming junk like chips and cold drinks. Also, I donate plastic bottles and utensils to those in need instead of just throwing them away.

Ena: We reuse our jute and fabric bags. There is a strict rule of no plastic bag inside the house. We have also started creating our own compost for house plants using vegetables and fruit peels. We also store the waste water from the RO filter and use it for other things like watering the plants, sweeping the house etc.

Vitasta: I recently shifted to a bamboo toothbrush. I also shifted to using a menstrual cup against sanitary napkins. It is a good feeling. I constantly look around and search the Internet for eco-friendly substitutes to everyday plastic usage.

Avishi: We always keep a jute bag in the car so if we make a stop for buying groceries, we can always refuse plastic. We only use glass or ‘mitti ghada’ for water storage and replace our plastic tiffins with glass containers. Besides all this, we always look for plastic-free alternatives for everyday things.

Umair: I keep my paper shopping bags and use them to give away things. Also, one change that I am particularly happy about is using an electric razor instead of tossing a plastic razor in the trash every second week.

Maitreyee Thakur: I always carry a small glass bottle wherever I go even if I have to additionally carry a small bag for it. Also I reuse my wine bottles as regular water bottles at home!

We at Vajor, believe in living a conscious, eco-friendly lifestyle before we promote one. Our products are mindfully curated to include no plastic and only biodegradable materials like wood, jute, glass and metal. Shop from us to contribute your everyday nothing towards the planet.

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