Free Spirited – With Sukhneet Wadhwa

Free-Spirited. Defined as “independent and not constrained by convention”, the phrase embodies the meaning of our clothing. Moreover, it represents all women we envision wearing Vajor.

What does it mean to you, free-spirited? Or, what SHOULD it mean to you? When it comes to fashion and lifestyle, being free-spirited is to not conform to norms. It is about being as personal, as unique and as original as one can be. It is that beautiful state of mind where you are at peace with yourself.

When we at Vajor make clothes for women, we ensure that they are as free-spirited as the women who’ll  wear them. We believe that comfort and aesthetic, when go hand in hand, can create magic. A dress that moves with you, sways with your every movement… A dress that mirrors your thoughts and your personality, a dress you feel most comfortable in, that is the dress you will feel most like yourself in.

Instead of merely following trends, find what is “YOU”. Discover yourself, explore till you find that which feels most fitting. And all of this does not rely only on the way you dress! Traveling, reading, music, cinema, art, good friends, there are so many experiences in life that make you who you are.

“Allow yourself to transform as many times as you need to be fully happy and free.” -Yung Pueblo













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