Seven festive gift ideas that are so much better than a bowl of dry fruits!

Every occasion demands a special touch and sometimes gifting can be a lot stressful than it seems. Passing on your yesteryear’s gifts to your relatives is what most of us do, with gifts that are the typical dry fruits or glass bowls ones… Be it Diwali or Christmas, gifting during the festive season is never too easy and there is a limit to which you can gift your elder brother socks while receiving chocolates from the other end every year! With festive season in full swing, stop panicking and running on the streets looking for that perfect gift, as we have curated a list of products just for you to save you from all the hassle with gifts no one would want to pass on… Get rid of your last minute shopping woes and find something hand-picked for everyone, even your “I-dont-want-anything” mom…

File Folders


Talk about giving gifts to your colleagues, take inspiration from these super pretty file folders that will become an instant hit among your colleagues. Help them decorate their desks for the festive season in a chic way…

Storage Accessories


Gifting all sorts of glass bowls and containers to your guests is a passe… Give out some really cool storage accessories like jewellery boxes that not only cover the utility part of it but also make your space a much colourful place.

Lacquered Trays


Say no to gifting dry fruits and sweets this season that only ends up making your loved ones a little more health conscious. Gift instead a range of new kitchen ware, like these vibrant floral lacquered trays that breathe life into your kitchen and dining areas…



Candles and diyas are something that are so ordinary and frequently gifted during Diwali. Be a little different by gifting lanterns that add a touch of vintage to your modern spaces.

Wall Arts


The festive season calls for even the walls to be dressed up in a certain way and wall arts are the best way to deck up your bare walls in the most effortless way.

Cushion Covers


Let cushion covers act as the conversation starters this festive season. Help your loved ones make their space a little more decked up with these embellished and embroidered cushions.

Photo Frames


Photo frames are one of the favourite gifting items ever. Just gift them as it is or place a cute memory with your loved one, photo frames in lively colours never go out of style…

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