Gift Guide for Your 1st Superhero!

Okay, let’s begin by playing a game. How many superheroes can you name in 5 seconds? Take 5 seconds… Do you have a favourite amongst them? If so, what do you like about them? And finally, are you sure you named out every single superhero you could think of? Whilst you wreck your minds trying to come up with an answer to the above questions, we are SUPER sure you missed out on this very particular one who was your very 1st superhero… The one we have been looking up to since the day we were born, the one who is super realistic and doesn’t need to fly in the air wearing a red & blue costume just to save us from the harsh world. Because that superhero is always close to us. Within our reach and not at all part of some Stan Lee comic. Because this superhero is (drumroll!) Our very own Daddy dearest! And we bet, none of you thought about his name through those questions. No wonder, we have grown up watching DC & Marvel all our lives, but remember that first flight you took in his arm and felt ecstatic! That joy he’s shared with you when you won that talent show or the pain he equally felt when you tripped and fell in that mini race anyone could have finished… All these years he’s done his best to make sure you get the best of everything, and now it’s PAYBACK time baby! Oh, we mean DADDY! So wipe those dewy-eyes and get that soppy heart to work. (And our trick worked! hehe) It’s time to gift your Popsi, Father-Dear, Dad-ji, Dadda (they are all the same, just by the way :p) the gift they have been most deserving of. We have curated a list of products that you can gift your old man this Father’s Day… Have a look!


Men’s shirt: Vajor recently launched its first Men’s wear collection. Everyday essentials for men who embody the modern bohemian spirit.

Drinkware: Glasses and jars for those late night cricket match get-together with his friends!

Yoga Mat: To keep him fit and healthy when he is too lazy to hit the gym…

Nomadic bag: For those solo trips he takes on his bike with his biker gang.

Experience: Gift him an all covered experience to a new place, with like-minded people.

Gift Card: Give him the choice of picking his own gift, after all, Papa knows best!

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