Fakirani: Winter Nomads

“Haji’s wisdom soothes anyone who cares to listen. He is a man removed from what is called a civilized world, who doesn’t understand the politics of partition but, fully understands suffering, the beauty of diversity and transience.”

This winter we started off on such a whimsical note and the reason for this hails from the fact that now the wardrobe choices are not singularly governed by the trend forecasts. A modern bohemian consumer is now more drawn towards meaningful fashion choices that has a story behind it… And for all such , free-spirited nomadic souls, we bring forth our winter edition – “FAKIRANI: WINTER NOMADS” that draws inspiration from the glorious & ancient tribe of Kutch, Gujarat – ‘The Fakirani Jatts’. Nurturers & a soulful nomadic tribe that faces droughts & disasters with utmost grace and dignity and not as victims. Our winter edition – Fakirani is an amalgamation of bohemian layers,earthy checks, motifs & embroidery that captures the mysticism of this glorious nomadic tribe. Our collection brings out the richness of this ancient tribe in form of bohemian silhouettes & a rich colour palette that’s bound to make dressing during the chill more bold & fierce.

The showstoppers of the collection are our jackets laden with Fakirani inspired prints and embroidery that’s characterized by its use of geometric patterns, counted thread work & small embellishments sure to add more edge to your winter look. Layerable bohemian silhouettes like Kimonos & reversible capes are also a special edition of our collection, that will up your layering game during the winter chill.

Adding more to the tribal charm to ace up your gloomy winter outfits, our winter collection comprises of winter dresses that comes with flared silhouettes, alluring intricate detailing & earthy checks.

Accessories in tow comprises of stunning boho jewellery & a range of boots that are easy to style & are must haves for the season.

This winter season, get entranced by the rhythm of this inspiring tribe with our bold & fierce collection that brings together vibrant prints, motifs, rustic embroideries and body friendly silhouettes meant for every occasion.

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