Have you ever been disappointed after figuring out that the pockets on your brand new pair of denims are fake? Or the terror of realising that you now have to carry around a bag to keep your keys and phone because your favourite dress doesn’t have pockets? Carrying around belongings sans pockets is a thought that makes us all cringe. We’ve been there too. Disheartened, bummed out and upset that there is no way we can carry around things with us unless we take along a bag.

Provision of pockets and their practicality is what women rejoice in their everyday clothing. The Vajor Team created a cheerful video for our followers to bring their attention to the fact that Vajor clothing has what every woman looks for in womenswear clothing. Yes, we have the latest trends, and flattering silhouettes and body friendly clothing. But, we also have pockets. Pockets, an element that is celebrated as a treasure only because of its rarity, is present in abundance in our apparel.

“Euro and the Magical Pockets” is a fun way of telling our clientele that pockets aren’t a fantasy in womenswear apparel. The protagonist is Euro, a playful dog. We show how he looks at pockets, and his stance on things. The astonishment that he experiences when things vanish in and out of the garments is a euphemism for the surprise women feel when womenswear has pockets included. We undo this widespread misconception, by simply stating through our video, that Vajor Clothing is very much inclusive of the essential yet ignored, pockets.

Join Euro in his life’s biggest dilemma – the wormhole where things appear in and out of; the magical garment sides that we call “Pockets”.

Watch Euro’s fun attempt at solving the mystery of magical pockets below:

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