Elements Of Cape & Cloth: As The Water Flows

Flowing water has a universal undertone of vast possibilities and smooth transitions to it. It depicts minimalism with a sense of fluidity.Water is considered the universal symbol for change! It is forever flowing and can take any course.

Flowing water has a very strong character of its own, it will energize  your vibes for the good and will transform you for the best.Flowing water is one of the most significant element in the foundation of our brand called Cape & Cloth. Cape & Cloth is all about work-wear that will help you be effortless at your workplace and provide comfortable wardrobe options.

Just like the charm of flowing water, our silhouettes are all about fluidity and comfort at your work space.The way flowing water has a calming effect to it, same is the case with Cape & Cloth! At the same time, the fluidity comes partnered with clean, smooth cuts that nowhere compromise on style.

Like a river, the element of fluidity runs deep in our collection.


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