Element Of Cape & Cloth: Earth (Consistency, Wisdom and Growth)

The third and most important element of Cape & Cloth brand  is Earth. Earth is the element that adds stability and foundation to Cape & Cloth Brand. We have always associated this element with wisdom and growth and these qualities runs through the foundation of this  brand. The way earth has a strong character of consistency, Cape & Cloth also preserves high standards for quality and the consistent maintenance of it.

The Earth is the realm of wisdom, knowledge, Strength, growth and prosperity.  With a very functional yet chic work-wear collection Cape & Cloth very strongly advocates strength. Just the idea of an exclusive work-wear brand  which stands for functionality  for women at the workplace, is a way of growth. The idea of comfort and aesthetics coming together for women work-wear is all about prosperity.

Cape & Cloth have a very strong imprint of earth in the silhouettes and colors of the collection. The use of pastel, soothing and earthy colors complemented by strong silhouettes is a visual treat for every  modern independent working women.






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