Dreaming In Detail

She follows the fragrance coming from the soil… Looking up from between the branches, trying to catch the rays of sunlight on her face. The wind blows her hair in all directions… She is caught in a fantasy! Everything is crystal clear in front of her… The mellow canvas of her dream painted bright with threads entwined together in a web of flowers. She walks in the meadow… Free, billowing, unchained…

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This is her escape… Away from the harsh reality, a world she has created of her own! She woke up enlightened… Aware of her own being. She now knows, if she can imagine it, she can surely achieve it.

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Like our muse, look beyond the everyday nuances of life. Pay attention to the details…

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“A Pastel Affair” brings you pieces that can alter reality for you… A garden of roses adorns the black soil… Threads in bright hues pop against subdued canvases… Longer, embroidered cuffs with a row of buttons take the center stage… It’s not just about the color, the silhouette or the embroidery anymore… But, it’s about all of those things coming together in perfect harmony! This season, have a never ending summer fling with pastels and intricate embroidery… Billowing sleeves, overlapping bodice, asymmetric hemlines, finely detailed yokes and cuffs… A story of gorgeous tops & tunics that are meant to take your breath away!



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