Digital Women Awards 2016

SheThePeople is a video story telling space that inspires women, strengthens their efforts, exchanges leadership ideas, fosters networking and reinforces their ability to contribute to growth. Recently they hosted Digital Women Awards on November 13th 2016 in Mumbai. They aimed at celebrating successful empowering women entrepreneurs who have done wonderfully well in whichever domain they belonged -be it content, business, e-commerce, social impact, non profit organisations and so on… the list is endless. And so were the women who won awards for creating a positive impact on people’s lives, had an inspiring story to tell, a beautiful journey to talk about, or a strong issue they are helping others deal with. And among all of this, Vajor was the proud gifting partner for such a prestigious event.

The event saw a room full of gorgeous women who have achieved and reached unbelievable heights through their contribution in different sectors. Vajor felt grateful being associated with Digital Women Awards, who chooses to shine light on those skilled women whose ideas and efforts helped them gain success in the digital world. To be able to witness such women who support and encourage women empowerment with the ability to inspire many other women like them was truly amazing.


In the current scenario wherein we have very few women mentors & entrepreneurs , there is a need for a consolidated platform which is being recognized by government , industry leaders , investment community and torch bearers in digital world. Through this initiative – Vajor in association with SheThePeople.TV ,not only celebrates women entrepreneurship in todays challenging startup India but also provides right networking opportunities to all associated, during life cycle of their businesses.

We believe and support the idea of empowering the right people to bring out the best in them. Women empowerment is not just a topic of discussion inside four walls. The picture has already changed! We appreciate all those who have achieved something despite all the challenges. We believe in blurring the gender lines. We believe that our community will be a whole when both men & women enjoy equal opportunities and are appreciated equally for it. Digital Women Awards 2016 gave us a chance to express about what we strongly felt, and what we stood for!



Mr. Ramesh Abhishek, DIPP secretary, inaugurated and gave an opening speech at the event which was followed by various panel discussions that focused on “E-Commerce Next”, “Entrepreneurship Empowered”, “She Leads the Internet” and well respected people like Sabina Chopra,; Ankhi Das, Facebook; Raj Nayak,CEO, Colors-Viacom 18; Neha Bajratya, Google India and many more like them attended and spoke for the various panels.



Here are some of the ladies who won the award for creating powerful and meaningful impact on our communities:
1. Malini Agarwal- Founder of India’s first celebrity blog MissMalini, won the Best Website award.
2. Ruchita Dar Shah- Shah is the founder of First Mom’s Club on Facebook, won the Best Community award.
3. Aditi Mittal- She is one of the first Indian stand-up comedian, along with being an actress and writer, won the Best Digital Comedy Star award
4. Saumya Vardhan- She won the Service Disruptor award for her venture Shubhpuja.
5. Aditi Prasad- The founder of Robotix Learning Solutions won the award for Tech Disruptor.





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