Decor for that Much Needed Whimsical Vibe!

It happens with almost each one of us that more often than not we come across a thing that we really want to own, immediately fall in love with, but are somewhat confused as to how are we really going to use it anyway? Be it a lovely embroidered dress, a pair of funky footwear or even a whimsical decor piece. This month we came up with some beautiful decor items with much utility and something that brings out that much needed whimsical vibe to your space… Read on to see how our community members Spardha Malik & Vinithra Amarnathan styled their gorgeous homes with Vajor decor.

This woven basket is multi-utility and can be used to keep planters, store and organize your child’s toys or to casually carry your flowers and grocery items.

Been planning to bring a little green indoors without worrying about creating a mess? These macrame plant holders and glass jar are the perfect options to go to!

Walls that bring out a personality to your space are best seen with statement wall arts. A set of 4, these wall art is reason enough to let go of your bare walls.

Another way to add dimension to bare walls is by opting for bright tapestries that instantly lift up your surroundings…

Bed is the most welcoming part of your house, so why not make it more cozy and comforting with cushion covers that add a touch of element to your elegant bed and space.

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