Cutwork Perfection: Classic Art Meets Trend!

A melody of beautiful fall colors intrigued with an artsy embroidery technique called cutwork is the best way to do this daisy-kissed weather right!  Cutwork being one of the most celebrated classic embroidery technique has some strong roots to rely on yet a little transformation always helps. In order to bring the best from both the worlds, we have incorporated a delicate work of subtle cutwork in our modern bohemian silhouettes and the results are just mesmerizing. Who could have thought of this kind of perfection coming out of this experimentation! Yet we made it a reality for you to indulge in.

This collection is all about the marriage of earthy accent colors with a classic art to modernize the classic. Cutwork collection mostly has solid pieces with a strong sense of individuality and every single style is capable to pull off a statement look like a pro. Presence of very strong solid styles will make the styling game very convenient yet you can always tone-up or down your ensemble with the hint of minimal accessorizing.





This cutwork collection travels well between the dynamics of being playful to adorn the aura of serenity, it has it all. A perfect shade of blue with a strong undertone of chirpy vibes, embellished with intricate work of cutwork embroideries, to make an ensemble count what else can you ask for.

An exotic cutwork dress with an exotic essence of seasonal transit, the choice of color and the thoughtful work of cutwork is what makes the whole ensemble stands out as a rustic perfection. With all the jazz of bright colors, one can never overlook the charm of earthy color, kissed with a seasonal glow. We have buttoned down and ruffle styles pastel cutwork dresses to make a shoutout for all the minimal souls. 




There’s a lot to look forward to, just pick a look and indulge in some serious shopping action and if you can’t decide just shop them all… 😀

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