The Curious Case of September


Somebody once said “Replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity”… And that is exactly what we did! On a trip to the Heritage Transport Museum, we decided to step out of our comfort zone and take a little risk with our outfits. Oh! The fun we had… It was a well planned experiment and we would say the results were just potent!

So, the Creative Team at Vajor, decided to put some outfits to test for you (you are most welcome!). Us three ladies set out on this adventure so we could get a first hand experience of how practical these looks are… Because we don’t want to cross fingers under the table when we say “Oh! It is the perfect outfit for you!”. Also, we love to try out new things, put in all our combined efforts and create wearable garments that suit all body types.





The idea behind this trip was to dress out of our comfort zone and document it through photographs to show that it really helps to take these risks once in a while. We can’t stress enough on the importance of creative experimentation! And it’s not just about the wardrobe… An occasional “let’s try this today” should happen in other realms of life. Try a new flavor of ice cream, give those other restaurants a shot, take a new route to work, sleep on the other side of the bed… I mean, come on! You know you want to… Stop being so skeptical and have some fun once in a while. Trust us, because we are saying this from experience. It is like a small adventure of your own! As you dig deeper into this post, you will witness our march into the world of the unknown… Along with some really cool transport mediums!





When it comes to taking outfit risks, there is a fine line between a “mission accomplished” and a “abort mission I repeat abort mission”! So while experimenting with your look, always keep your body type in mind… Wear colors that suit your complexion… Accessories and hairstyles are your go-to -guys who will help you create a new look entirely sans a big risk. Like Nathasha here is not a “shorts” person, so, she balanced it out with a bright yellow flared sleeves top and a statement necklace that would keep all eyes on the top half of her outfit! Her pixie hair and those statement sunglasses is her usual personality while the rest of the outfit is her experiment with a playful look. Catch her on a regular day at work and she will be dressed in distressed jeans, a cotton shirt and the most comfy cool shoes in town…






And you know who else can be your BFF when doing an experimental look? Confidence! As cliche as it may sound, it really is the key to looking great no matter what you are wearing. The way you carry yourself says a lot about you… So maintain a fearless demeanor and you have won more than half the battle already. (Yes, achieving that perfect #ootd  is nowhere less than a battle… If not more!)

Take cue from Meher here… Always seen in funky trousers, graphic tees and layers of accessories, a mini-dress in pink was a real game changer. But boy did she make it work!






What else can a new look provide me with…? End of the day, we are strong, independent women of substance and just a quirky new look is not enough to convince us! So, here is the deal… A little tryst with an experimental outfit on a certain day can leave you feeling fresh for an entire week. It is about expanding your horizons, having an experience, adding things to your been-there-done-that list, knowing you got no limits and clicking super cool pictures!

For Shreyasi, it is all about billowing maxi dresses or a basic jeans and tee… Hence, a body hugging crop top and a pencil fit skirt were more edge than she would generally go for. The point is, it was like being this whole another person for a day and just enjoying it. It is not about “why would I change my entire look?”… It’s always about “why not!”.





So, go ahead! Get experimental, take risks, be curious to the bone… Because there is so much to try and so little time to do it. Make a routine out of it… Make a check list and keep ticking the boxes! And remember, you never fail with experiments… You learn and learn and L E A R N.

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    Hey I know her, Nice to see changed look and details you mentioned in article. Cool. Keep it up darling.


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