Color Story Of The Season : From Sorbet Slew To Poppy Splash !

To make your fall transit very smooth and trendy we have launched a thorough research and have come up with this amazing collection laced with solid styles filled with the splash of statement colors. We are ready to take over your fall wardrobe with style. Big apologies on the way for all the lovers of black color! Ladies black did not make the list as one of the must-have colors in this year’s wardrobe(but do we need any validation to wear black? No right!). Instead, the choices lean toward bright shades like yellow, poppy shade of green and soft hues like powder blue, lavender, pastel pink along with earthy shades but we can never overlook the millennial pink. Before you start panicking, however, neutrals are still very strong and popular (for those who fear a little color in their closets).

               To curate this collection we combed through the runway, high street, and vintage boho closet shots to come up with this trendy collection apt for every independent modern bohemian woman, who knows the value of colors and the way they uplift your Monday blues or life-blues in general. To make the choice convenient we have shortlisted five colors that can make a solid difference to your fall closet. As for how to style them? Our very generous way to style our modern bohemian muse will inspire you. (Refer the pictures for style inspiration)

Sunshine Yellow Color: This color is all over the streets, a perfect way to lift up the gloomy mood of the early fall season.



Millennial Pink:  As the name suggests, this shade of pink color is a perfect cocktail of pop and minimal and the results are just mesmerizing. Every millennial who has a minimal taste has sworn by this shade of pink color. This color reflects the true shade of this whole generation.



Lavender Love: Lavender was all over the spring-summer season and this color hasn’t done yet, it has a long way to go and a lot more seasons to cover.



Rust Orange: This color is the true reflection of the earthy glow that the fall season oozes around us, the best way to embrace the transit.



Boho Blue Color: The best way to channelize your fall facet is to incorporate this shade of blue to your wardrobe.



This color will give you those ready-and-out- their vibes and will for sure bring some boho statement into your personal style. 🙂


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