Revisiting ‘Caspian Folklores’

The regions of the Central Asia have always held within them traces of history that can still be sensed strongly and rooted within their society as well as culture that is as rich as the architectural designs and monuments having stood the test of time. The silk route and the surrounding regions have this unusual charm about them that slowly grows on you from time to time. The more you read about it, the more you spend time in the regions, the closer you feel to the whimsical era of the past. Vajor in an attempt to pay homage to the countries around the Caspian Sea, beautifully weaves and talks about the vibe of 14th century married with 21st silhouettes. Using the prints and motifs that have been used in and around the regions and finely decorating them with luxurious fabrics and embroidered threads to turn them into pieces meant to become keepsakes.

The recently launched collection is appropriate for all the upcoming festivities while keeping in mind the transitional weather that is seeping in. Through the limited edition collection ‘Caspian Folklores’, we revisit the textiles, costumes, and colors of the region that are a reminder of its rich culture and heritage. The pieces being timeless and versatile, the collection is a beautiful embodiment of our idea of conscious travelers. 

The collection has valuable pieces that are not only intricate but exclusive as well, with comfort kept as a highlighting element. Keeping both men and women in mind as part of the collection, the fabrics used are luxuriously raw, with flowy silk, crepe, linen satin and linen silk silhouettes adding elegance to the ensembles. The color palette is fresh, vibrant and earthy, making the pieces very versatile and evergreen to add-on to your festive closet ideal for your Diwali parties. 

The shirts and kurta sets for men have been kept classy and minimalist keeping in mind the comfort and aesthetic.

Skirts have been given a modern bohemian upgrade and turned into kalidar shararas for effortless movement. Paired well with equally breezy yet chic tunics with attention to detail. 

The gems of the collection are the two gorgeous Lehenga Sets. The lehengas are light, jewel-toned, shortened a bit for easy movement and are paired with beautiful embroidered tops to give them a modern appeal. 

The crop tops have been converted into easy tank tops. Instead of a midriff-baring piece, the top has been beautifully converted to give birth to functionality and modesty. 

The jumpsuits with lovely prints and motifs inspired from the region itself, are exactly what you are looking for those office festivities that require comfort with chic clothing.

The ones that make the hot-sellers are tops and dresses that you can’t take your eyes off of them.The looks created are stand-alone and hence fuss-free and effortless to wear any time during the festive season and beyond! 

The detailing and the prints speak of the floral embroidery of stylized flowers in blue, yellow and white inspired from the nomadic women of the region. An interesting contrast to note from the bygone era is, these nomadic women lived in unveiled faces as compared to the veiled city dwellers. The sheer beauty of the lost culture and customs is what took the collection forward.

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