Cape & Cloth:The New Chic Work-Wear Guide In Town

When we think about a modern independent women,she who is driven by passion and hunger for success yet humble, non-stereotypical, immensely innovative individual who is writing her own story. A women like her  would want a chic blend of functionality and aesthetics in her work-wear wardrobe but our classic go-to work-wear brands never understands that it’s not necessary to let go of your individuality while entering a conservative workplace. Hence she always finds herself in a wound up uncomfortable, corporate clone like work-wear  outfits that just adds more gray area in her style quotient and says  absolutely nothing about her individuality and personality.

This is where the brand Cape & Cloth becomes a part of her lifestyle. Bringing work-wear for her wardrobe that is a mirror image of who this woman is on the inside. The perfect conjointment of comfort, practicality, fashion and need for a wardrobe.

Cape & Cloth is a brand by Vajor which is a perfect blend of  conservative, casual and comfort in the most chic way possible. It will fulfill every women’s work wear needs. Not strictly sticking to boardroom meeting attire, this clothing & accessory line comprises of crisp, clean, comfortable and functional clothing for the woman on the go.Taking a more minimal yet, modern bohemian route towards work wear, Cape & Cloth ensembles will bring something fresh among the otherwise mundane options available to women in the market.


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