#canvasforyourart : Fireflies (Theme 2)

So, it’s time to unwrap the second theme and carve another path for your imagination to wander.

Our second theme for the contest is Fireflies.

When it comes to the word Fireflies, the interpretations are endless. It could signify a way  to pursue the bright lights that dare to challenge the darkness. Or the whimsical dance of fireflies in  the dark could be another fascinating take on these mysterious creatures. There are days when these luminous bugs mirror the stars as they light up the night for us. The theme, for some, could embody the celebration of light, positivity & hope itself.

Deriving your own meaning of this theme, you can come up with your artwork. It could be just the light that leads you home or you could just be an admirer of the undisputable beauty of these one of a kind flies. These tiny flies could be your way to hold onto the belief that magic does exist.

So, it’s time to let your imagination run wild and innovate around this theme. You could choose color, texture, shapes, words or any other medium to interpret this theme and create an artwork around the same.

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#canvasforyourart #artistsatvajor

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