#canvasforyourart : Color Therapy ( Theme 3)

 It time to unveil the third and final theme of the contest to wrap your creative thoughts around and create some magic on the canvas.

Our third theme is Color Therapy.

Color therapy could be a way to express your art as a healing process. Or it can be a kaleidoscope of colors to let you connect with your inner self. It’s like a vagabomb where you can put different words, thoughts and feelings into art form. Or this theme could simply inspires an abstract art  full of self exploration.

Your take on this theme is entirely your way of manipulating your art.  You can play around with the energies every color posses and the significance of it. It could be the soothing effect a color can evoke in our minds. You can derive your inspiration from the process of two colors mixing together and creating a separate identity.

So, start thinking You could choose color, texture, shapes, words or any other medium to interpret this theme and create an artwork around the same.

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