Breathe Easy Collection

Want to describe Summer in three words? Feel Good Fashion. It’s all about colours this season, colours that we have dearly missed… Imagine a slow walk down the relaxed flea market or a casual Sunday morning brunch in your garden, with a table lush with colourful fruits, vegetable and juices. Now, wouldn’t you want to compliment the mood and be as relaxed and breezy? Vajor’s current collection, ‘Breathe Easy: Everyday Summer Essentials’ is exactly what you need to bring laid back boho vibe in your wardrobe this summer. And albeit the colour Black didn’t make it to the list ladies, the colour palette otherwise feels like an ice cold glass of summer punch that makes sure to leave you an instant feel of refreshment! Scroll through to check out our key pieces that will make your want to spend the rest of the day in sun while being chic yet comfortable…

Taking inspiration from Moroccan art & culture, the collection was created keeping in mind the colours, motifs and detailing found in that respective area. The essential part of the collection was the way key elements like Hamza, geometric motifs, borders and botanicals were interpreted in a modernized way. The usage of Moroccan hues has played a vivid role in creating the collection with tones like pastel, beachy blues, olives, deep teals and corals that will be welcoming the summer season with open arms… From dresses, jumpsuits, tops, skirts, jewellery, footwear to decor, the collection has been enhanced beautifully with embroidery details, tie-up details and minute insertions of ruffles and tassels.

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