Book Review: The Blaft Book Of Mizo Myths

Our book genius Chitra from mybookjacket (Instagram handle) is at it once again. And this time she gives us a peek into something much less explored… Read all about her recommendation for the month belwo…

North east India is still a largely unexplored treasure trove of stories and culture. Their fashion bloggers are some of the most popular in the country bringing together their traditions and traditional clothing to modern style in a brilliant way. So it’s only natural that the rest of their rich culture is also brought out into the modern world for us to experience and enjoy!

As part of my Indian books challenge, which involves reading one Indian book by an author from/set in each state of India I was a little lost about NE India. I didn’t know of any books from there so after much research, I found a few to fit the bill.

A collection of poetry from NE India, this pretty much covers a majority of places and since it’s translates, it also covers languages. A collection of Khasi folk tales and the book I’m specifically talking about today, The Blaft Book Of Mizo Myths.

This book by Cherrie Lalnunziri Chhangte, a professor of English at Aizwal, a receipt of the Nehru Fulbright Postdoctoral research fellowship and a researcher of Mizo folk tales when compared to Native American ones in Stanford, is a collection of quaint and curious folk stories that the Mizo folks have grown up on. You hear stories about how the bat got it’s habits, why wolves in the area behave the way they do and why butterflies fly in threes.

A must read for everyone who is thinking of visiting Mizoram or even those who are looking for good clean stories that aren’t really religious but have a pure earthy feel to them. The Mizo people are known to be one with their earth and their land, living off it and living with it and these stories highlight just that.

Published by Blaft, an independent publisher known for their quirky books, this collection is like grabbing two mangoes with one stone. You’re supporting an independent publisher and getting a book that’ll put a dent in your #ReadHarder and #ReadWomen challenges.

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