The Boho Rhapsody Collection

Yin-yang, represent the good and evil of the same person. There is a little bit of both in each one of us and this is exactly how we dress up sometimes in reality as well. While on one side you are this ambitious woman who knows what she wants, achieve her goals, be independent and mature. But at the same time you have that hidden care-free, relaxed, laid-back woman within you who knows when to let your hair down and dip in the vibe of being boho and free-spirited. At Vajor, we understand that woman, we understand you. We know that sometimes we need to break-free from our daily lives of work and pressure and enter the world of tranquility to experience and rejoice the vibrancy of life.


Electric Blue Embroidered Dress


Green Galore Jumpsuit


Black Aztec Dress


Berry Blue Jumpsuit

Unapologetically and limitlessly free-spirited, Vajor came out with its latest collection ‘Boho Rhapsody’ that will accompany you in all your glory. Beautiful, earthy colors, a signature of our brand, merge with billowing silhouettes. Intricate embroidery & surface textures enhance the ensembles. Like the name suggests, the collection is an ecstatic expression of being “boho”, being free, being you…


Green Knot Earrings


Black Tribal Necklace

The dresses come in silhouettes and colours that have a refreshing feel along with intricate colour-blocked embroidery and tassels. The jumpsuit can be seen in styles like never before with cold-shoulders, flared silhouettes, minimalist embroidery and earthy colours. Another thing to check out are the latest jewellery pieces that are high on trend, full of tassels and in vibrant hues to go well with your statement earthy outfits… Talking about footwear, this collection gives you numerous options to choose from. From embellished espadrilles, to tribal sandals to effortless wedges; the Boho Rhapsody collection incorporates everything from boho dresses, to statement jewellery pieces, to stylish footwear to classy decor items. Explore now to reflect the inner you. 


Blue Embellished Espadrilles


Night Blue Wedges 

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