Gypsy Homes for Nomadic Souls

Boho is a state of mind that can be reflected well as per your likes in the way that you live, whether its the choice of your clothes, your space or even the kind of lifestyle you lead. A modern bohemian individual would always want their house to be filled with colours, patterns and prints, in a wonderful marriage with antiques, macrame and other such beautiful things that would immediately take them to a dreamy artistic life. A bohemian space is all about style, creativity, colours, travel, and to be free. And to be able to put a personal touch to it, one should feel a connection to everything that makes their house a home. A zeal to experiment, to create something new and be independent is something that is close to their hearts. Since your house is the place you look forward to crashing at the end of the day, it is important that your home should speak of all that you are, to be able to express positive vibes and to make it a perfect place to relax and unwind. Read on to know the essentials you need to transform your living space with the spirit of a Gypsy soul.


Display your favourite wall arts at your space in the form of artworks and prints, that speak of embracing your imperfections and positive vibes. You can fill your room with paintings and other artwork you are fond of to give your room the essence of your interests.

You can also add animal accents in the form of faux animal head to bring in an element of exotic feel to your interior. 

Macrame products are quite popular now and having one or two at home is a great way to do up the interiors in Bohemian style. You can also throw a rug on the wall in your living room to add to the edginess. 

Pillows never go out of style and the more the cushions, the cosier the space tends to look. You can throw a lot of pillows on the bed or sofa or create cozy corners and add pillows of different fabrics and designs along with sizes. 

Adding greenery and plants to your place instantly makes the place look so much more welcoming. The earthiness of the plants breaks from the monotony and breathes life into your space. 

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