Blame It On The Print…

Wearing prints doesn’t have to be daunting. With a little bit of outfit inspiration, the right color combinations and the right placements, prints can be just as easy to style as any solid colors you have in rotation this summer. Each and every print in your wardrobe can be styled to create a different look. Prints are a hit in the industry, since, they can be really unique, statement making and can tell a story better than any other design element!


Here is some inspiration to get you started… We recently came up with a look for summers using a light weight printed crepe skirt and a complimenting crop top. The best part about the look being, its easy to wear! No heavy-duty embellishment to be worried about, super comfortable and you don’t have to frequent the powder room for adjustments!


The skirt has a summery floral print in cool shades of aquamarine and blue while the crop top is a solid aquamarine… The neck is lined with high quality embellishments that adds charm to the look, and, no necklace required! One can style this outfit with ballerina flats for a day event. Add a pair of statement earrings and a jewel tone eye liner to max up the glamour with minimum efforts…



Next time you have a pre-wedding event/ ceremony to attend under the sun:
1. Dress up in prints for uniqueness.
2. Use accessories and the right make up to create an easy-breezy look…
3. Use a cool color palette to look soothing…
4. Let print be the USP of your outfit.



So, now you have no excuse to stick to your solids and not give prints a try!

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