Beyond Shape & Size

Being a pan India brand that caters to a vast market with women in all shapes & body types, we take it upon ourselves to create silhouettes and designs that flatter the majority of people regardless of their size. Hence, we decided to bring to you first hand experiences of people from our team. These women all vary in their shape, size, height and body type… Yet they all wore one dress from Vajor to look flawless! Given below is their experience…


DEPARTMENT- Customer Relations


Being on a healthier side I don’t appreciate dresses probably because they don’t look good on my body but after trying The Riverbed Dress, I have rebuilt my confidence that anyone can look elegant and beautiful at the same time no matter the size. I am in love with this dress firstly because it’s in my all time favourite blue color. Secondly, I feel like flying as it’s very light in weight and very very Royal. It’s so comfortable and makes me look tall and thin (a bit from what I am) at the same time. From the soft fabric to the design with Ikat print at the back completes the dress for me.





DEPARTMENT- Customer Relations


I am in love with this dress! The Riverbed dress from “Land of the Blue God” collection is one of my favorites. I’ve got so many compliments and appreciation after wearing this dress. The fabric of this dress with patch of Ikat is super soft and comfortable to wear in summers.







I have always been very sceptical to buy long length dresses, as I am 5’3 only. But Vajor’s River Bed dress just looks amazing on me, it makes me look tall and lean and a total badass…




Nidhi Tara

DEPARTMENT- PR & Marketing


I usually look for outfits that either compliment my figure given that I’m lean. My preference therefore in terms of size is always an XS for my garments.
I was a little skeptical about the riverbed dress initially because it’s only available in small size and has a loose fit. However, the design of the garment is such that it gives you the freedom to wear it the way you like. Precisely why I chose to tie the tassel behind and not in front. And to top it all, the material of the garment is very light and breezy and gives you ample comfort.
I chose to finish the look with statement earrings in contrasting blue coloured tassels, a statement Ikat bad and tan heels (all from Vajor) to make the look really colorful and chic. And, that’s exactly how I like to style myself.







Being an extra small size it’s difficult to find clothes that fit me well. I wore a size small of the riverbed dress with the white snakeskin sneakers by vajor. I love how the dress is so versatile and easy to style. The dress completely compliments my personality and makes my look really stylish. It’s great how it makes my body look tall and fuller. The fact that its there in my wardrobe makes me really glad!




Our aim behind this experiment was simple… Anyone can look perfect with the right kind of clothes regardless of their shape or size!

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