As a brand that is putting in conscious efforts towards the sustainability of our surroundings everyday, Vajor has taken an initiative to create awareness about a major environmental concern our planet faces today – the endangering of bees. There was word floating around a couple of years ago when the endangerment of bees first surfaced as an ecological anomaly, “Within four years of extinction of bees, human life too will be extinct.” You too, might have heard it and blown it off as blabber. However, as this problem of bee extinction continues to grow, more and more researches have been conducted with similar results stating that this issue does pose a great threat to our ecosystem.


This World’s Environment Day, Vajor sheds light on the improvement in the status of the bee livelihood brought in by the hardworking bee keepers and how the urban sector can contribute to optimize the efforts of these heroes furthermore. To increase knowledge for the same, we have created a documentary that features beekeepers talking about apiculture and the changes it has resulted in for the betterment of these tiny creatures that are responsible for the pollination and cross-breeding of more than 2 million flowers! The hard work that these honeybees give in to produce a plethora of useful products such as honey, beeswax, royal jelly and many more encourages and inspires us to put in more and more effort in saving their species.



The documentary “Bee the Hero”, constitutes real bee farmers talking about the process of bee cultivation in detail. It is not just informative about significance of bees, but also tells us about the scope of beekeeping. The clip also includes trivia related to how bees live and work that gives us more insight into their busy, busy lives.


Watch our documentary “Bee the Hero” below and become a conscious individual.

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