Festive dressing with Anupriya Kapur

“Finding joy is probably tantamount to finding yourself and being comfortable in your own skin” 

– Morgan Freeman

As we grow older, there is a sense of assurance we begin to feel. We experience all sorts of insecurity while we are young, but growing comfortable in your skin, loving ourselves for who we are and acceptance, happens only after a certain age. It’s all in the mindset about feeling positive in your body and with yourself. No matter what age, what size, what gender, it is imperative to feel at peace mentally, emotionally and physically. And we couldn’t have found someone better than Anupriya Kapur from ‘MomOnTheRun’ to convey the message of sticking to being who you are and loving the way it is.

Read ahead to know what she has to say:

“I have written a bit about how I have suffered from body image issues in my previous blogs and on Instagram. Even though the intensity of how I felt about myself varied, it was at times crippling enough to avoid social outings. When I look back, I realise how I would only wear deep necks and short clothes because I thought it would take away the attention from my face. As I believed (and at times still do) there was something really wrong with it (my face). But as you get older you worry less about the superficial. And if you feel great inside you radiate that feeling. A fit mind and body have a very big role in helping me deal with these issues. But don’t get me wrong I still love wearing deep necks and I’m in better shape than I ever was, just that I don’t wear them to cover my insecurities now. My choice of clothes now is completely dependent on how good I feel in them. If it means tiny shorts and a crop top because I’m on a holiday so be it. I don’t like sticking to one look but lately I find myself buying a lot of cottons as staying in Gurgaon, that’s the best choice of fabric as per me. And as I’m getting older some things that I look out for are-

1) Silhouettes which fit well.

2) Classy and comfortable. Basically, if I’m out, I should be able to attend a meeting in it without hesitation.

3) Fabric. I wasn’t picky about it when I was younger in the sense that I used to make do with what I could find or buy which was inexpensive. Now the quality of fabric matters a lot.

4) I was a bit of a rebel when I was younger. I-will- wear-what- I-want- where-I- want kinds. Now I respect the sensibilities of the place and people I’m visiting.

5) Sarees, handloom and any work done by craftsmen and weavers is precious to me now.

6) I spent my younger days wearing mostly black, grey and browns. I love colours and I’m not shy to experiment with bright and bold ones.

7) I never ever dress up for anyone else anymore. It’s always for me.

Having said that, what’s heartening to see is that we now have a wide choice of classy and chic silhouettes which match Indian sensibilities. With their new hand block printed festive collection, Vajor is one such brand that is fulfilling style aspiration of Indian women. For someone as price sensitive as I am, the quality of fabric was a very pleasant surprise. Add to that their flattering fits which are done sensibly enough to know which areas of the dress need to be tight and which ones accentuated. All in all, the brand seems to have their values and ethos in place quite firmly so and has won my hands down approval. And here are four looks from their festive collection. The accessories that I’m wearing and some of the home decor stuff is also from Vajor.”















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