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The month of September marks the one year anniversary of Vajor. First and foremost, we would like to thank all our customers and supporters for showing us their love and appreciation. We take pride in stating that Vajor is the first online built brand of India. Wow! We have come so far from where we started in such a short span of time. The journey has been exhilarating, refreshing and an everyday evolution for us. And we do not plan on stopping this evolution anytime soon! Thus, to make this month even more special, we decided it’s time to launch our very own blog …

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In Greek, there is a word to describe what happens when you leave a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, or love) in your work. That word is MERAKI. So, when we sat down to contemplate the name of the blog, Meraki appealed straight to our soul! It was the perfect name for a blog that is aimed at inspiring our readers, expressing our love for story telling, for sharing all that is happening around us and is worth your attention. We are already having a great time creating fresh content for you everyday… Hope you will have as much fun going through it all!

Also, as we were approaching the anniversary period, we started contemplating on our own self… We started giving more thought to our believes and that was when we decided to give our environmental concerns a concrete movement.

3N3A7730At Vajor, we always try to be as eco-friendly and organic in our practices as possible. We are committed to being a responsible brand so that you can enjoy your fashion in the knowledge that you are not harming people, animals or the environment…

vajor for blogHence, the thought of starting an annual tradition, where we do our bid to increase the number of our green companions came into being. It’s never too late to start and every little effort counts! And, trust us when we say, it’s not just another cliché attempt or mock concern towards environmental preservation. It is what each member of Vajor truly believes in… We can recall innumerable conversations we have had among ourselves on how to be more sustainable, on how to really make an impact and this movement is something we hold close to our hearts. Our future endeavours will very much prove our word.

2bAll this talk about us… Now, it’s time we talk about you. Our Muse! Wondering what we can possibly know about you? Well dear Muse, you are our real inspiration. We know all about you… At least, we try to! It is you whom we try to discover and rediscover with each passing day. Our brand is a celebration of all those women who are strong, smart and independent. They are the Silent Heroines of our society. They rejoice upon their feminine nature every day in life and inspire us to narrate stories about them through our creations. And as we unravel your depth, we strive to create better. We believe it is a give and take relationship between us… You inspire us with your story and we encourage you with ours!

We have completed a year and what a thrilling experience it has been! And what makes any brand, company or business a success is the team behind it.

Dream - Team Vajor (1)The people we are talking about here build up Team Vajor… We are so like-minded yet so contrasting! Each member has a personality of their own and brings something to the table which only they can. Yet, we often have delightful moments where we are just so in sync! We believe that we are the elements that come together in a harmonious composition called Vajor. It is very much like the joining together of stars to form a constellation. We each have a set of responsibilities and we are extremely driven about our jobs. We love what we do and that makes it less of a “job”. Vajor for us is more of a lifestyle! It’s a concept that we have adapted to in our lives.

What a feeling… Summarizing our first blog post! It’s been a pleasure sharing our story with you all… And there are so many more stories waiting to be narrated. Meraki will soon be back with another great tale… Stay tuned… Tell us what you think in the comments!


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