We talk about loving unconditionally all our lives, but invariably there are numerous times when we end up taking ‘Conditions Apply’ too seriously. As humans we preach about so many things, but do we really pause and take a look at ourselves if we are following the same thing? So, this month of Love, as an ode to the eternal love ambassadors, we dedicate this Valentine’s Day to our dog babies and friends who have taught us the real way to love without any ‘Ifs and Buts’…


#AHumaneValentine is Vajor’s campaign wherein, in an attempt to raise awareness and do some good for the canine friends, Vajor is donating all proceeds of its Humane Collection towards animal welfare. We came up with something special in store for our adorable pooches and their human parents. “With Love, Vajor Humane” celebrates a new kind of love. 

Vajor has been an ardent supporter of loving, caring, paying more attention to our furry buddies and towards the welfare of animals. The brand launched its Humane section with the sole purpose of doing good for the animal kingdom.

We came out with a series of videos featuring pet parents, animal lovers and welfare activists to help convey the message of #AHumaneValentine. People like Poorvaja (Humans Of Canines), Rashee Kuchroo (Doggy Dabbas), Namratha Rao (Pawsitive Tales), Dr. Aditi Badam (POSH Foundation), Divya Dugar, Tanya Nambiar (Singer), Bhavna Pandit all became a part of the initiative and shared their stories with everyone to spread love for dogs.

“We celebrate love on 14th of February as Valentine’s Day, dogs celebrate it 365 days… with them, everyday is a celebration” — Poorvaja

Shop from our Humane Collection here: https://www.vajor.com/humane.html 

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