Age of Elegance

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What do you normally wear to an evening party? Or a formal event? I’m so over the short dresses lately to attend these occasions that I’ve found my interests leaning more towards long gowns in comparison to the shorter versions I used to wear earlier. Especially with the upcoming Christmas and New Year parties, the last thing I’d like to wear on special days like these would be something that I wear all year long. That’s when the Evening dresses take their cue and make their special appearance. Like I’d mentioned in my earlier posts, wearing your first long evening dress is the first step you need to take in order to accumulate more of these elegant pieces. For long dresses to me mean elegance and class with their own degree of sophistication and the bombshell factor. If I can relate to my experience, being a tomboy earlier, wearing my first long evening dress was certainly a moment to remember. If I can put my feelings into words, I’d say I felt like a Cinderella who transformed herself without any help from fairy godmothers! And I write this because the feeling you get in an evening gown is simply amazing. And I love how good it makes me feel.

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I have to write this but lately I’ve been creating a wishlist of long gowns. I personally like being well dressed for any occasion and if I see any invite that says Formal dress code for an evening event, that’s when my mind tries to frantically locate that one long evening dress that might suit the event. Like I said earlier I’m over the short dress phase at the moment and even a LBD will not do and neither will a sexy velvet number or a sequin one for that matter. And believe me when I say, the short dresses that I wear during the day never crosses my mind even! For to look special, I believe that one needs to feel special and nothing can compare to the feeling of elegance you get when you wear something like what I’m wearing. And to add to your personal love for Bolero jackets, Vajor has even added a studded jacket to this dress. And for someone like me who loves studs and cropped jackets, this evening wear from Vajor didn’t even require me to make a decision. You can just call it love at first sight!

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I’m petite and if I may repeat again I’m just 5’1 inches tall. I write this again because I get asked about my height quite frequently and after seeing this post, I can already foresee a possibility of that question popping out any moment in any of the social media channels. Though I like to consider myself as a risk taker in terms of experimenting with a lot of styles, I also am actually pretty biased towards certain things considering my short height. Like for instance a mermaid hemline. For some reason, I love the mermaid hemline in skirts and dresses and the fact that this dress comes with a mermaid hemline, studs and a jacket to match was almost like a festival bonus to me. I feel that the mermaid hemline gives the illusion of a taller and slender figure in comparison to other dress shapes. And the white colour of this outfit is certainly a fresh break from the colours that I keep wearing. And certainly a very different colour when it comes to an evening wear.  And I feel that the style and the colour of this dress would certainly make one stand out.

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I got this limited edition dress and jacket from Vajor which is one of India’s online store that specialises in women’s wear. I’ve worn Vajor in the past and while I’ve had a good experience in terms of the fit and quality of the fabric, this dress and jacket didn’t disappoint me either. I love how the stiff neck of the jacket gives one a very smart, chic look and while the choice to add the jacket to the look lies with you, I personally felt that the jacket gives a nice chic vibe to this otherwise elegant look. I feel that it also breaks the monotony of wearing a dress with accessories only, which I personally find very interesting. And while these pieces are something that I chose from Vajor’s new limited edition collection, particularly because of the jacket and dress combination, sold separately however, I also like the other limited editions pieces that they have here.

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Written By: Nilu Yuleena Thapa (BHLM)

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