Add Life to your Brunch Table…

Stepping out of your cozy bed or getting your guests to do the same can be a tedious task. But a Holiday Brunch is something, one cannot miss out on and worth all the drill… We recently went out for a Brunch at ‘Londonners Bistro Pub’ in Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi, and had an amazing time there. With the bright sun shining from behind the clouds and soothing winter wind, we decided to create a story for you to host the perfect Brunch for your family and friends.


We had the Caesar Salad, Paneer Tikka Masala Platter, Paneer Makhani Pie and Red Sauce Pasta along with the two very refreshing drinks, Electric Lemonade and Promegrande Mojito.




To impress your guests, you need not go over the top, just keep things simple and classy and you are ready to become the ideal host! Choose a theme or a colour maybe, and try mixing patterns with each other. The first and the easiest step to set up a table is by placing table runners and mats that match up the mood of the day. The very next step is to pick nice warm contrasting coasters to bring brightness to your table. Fill up the in-between spaces with a centrepiece like the Kiwi Vase Set to make the setting look more welcoming.

You can choose from:

Blooming Runner & Table Mat Set

Euphoric Runner & Table Mat Set

Flowering Runner & Table Mat Set


Coasters we suggest are:

Marina Coasters

Honey Drizzle Coasters

Sap Green Coasters



Bring brightness and cheer to your table by setting it up with decor items like nice printed, glazed ceramic bowls, plates, cutlery holder or a tea-cup set to go with your table settings.

The nicest tables are the ones that are understated and such table settings are a visual treat without overwhelming you or your guests…

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