A Whimsical Cloud…

Here we are… Speaking through colour! Narrating stories in tints & shades… Painting rainbows in the sky. It fascinates us, the amount a single colour can express! We develop, we experiment, we mix, we match, we alter… And we create everything in & out of colour. So, this season, when everything around us starts blooming, we create a visual diary celebrating the spirit of colours…

We combine our rich hued garments & jewel toned accessories with bright blossoming flowers & the spirit of Holi. The visual story below depicts two outfits perfect for this season and express the magic that colours can be…

image (29)

image (24)

image (30)

image (25)   image (31)

A rich mauve colour gown with a pleated silhouette that falls on your curves in perfection… Combined with an equally rich hued clutch that is no less than a stunning painting in itself! The outfit is perfect for a festive dinner… Let the classic black & white ensembles take a back seat in your wardrobe for once!

image (32)

image (37)

image (33)

image (38)

image (34)

The second look is more about accentuating the basics with the brights… A refreshing leafy green jacket that you can layer with subtle white shirts and a trouser. Bright pops of jewels will play the role of “cherry on top”!

image (35)

image (36)

image (28)

Hope this gives you inspiration to channel more colours this season without being afraid to go overboard… So, go ahead & incorporate them in your wardrobe this season!

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