A Textile Lover’s Scrapbook

Imagine flipping through old pages lined with scraps of textiles, fabrics and motifs collected over decades from different parts of the globe. Rich in culture, laced with stories of discovery, these scrapbooks are a priceless find for any textile lover.

Our new collection ‘Summer Medley’ is inspired by a textile lover’s scrapbook that boasts of a beautiful marriage of a myriad of different prints. Prints that are a perfect brew of earthy textures, colors and motifs that go from geometrical to floral effortlessly. With two fabrics stitched into one, a patch here and a patch there, ‘summer medley’ is a collection that screams a textile fashioner’s love for prints as he/she creates a medley of her favorite ones to reveal a magic that takes over breezy flowy silhouettes.

Something about scrapbooks we all know is that: they tell a story! Infact, it is a story in itself. That is the heart of creating scrapbooks. Every scrapbook tells his/her story on a treasured personal level. It is your journal, a special chronicle where pictures & writings are juxtaposed on paper to reveal what matters to you.

The collection is like a tribute to all the stories in the form of prints and textures gathered on some interesting travel escapades. It is an expression, more than just a collection, of the artist and the wearer, who has an undying love for prints, for who every print is something that reflects his/her aesthetic.



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