Earth Day: A Taste Of Zero Waste

“The Earth is what we all have in common…

I have always had this thought back of my mind and was this girl who always used to keep an eye on initiatives taken to preserve this ecosystem. I appreciated individuals/ Organisations which were doing sensible work around preservation. Yet in some way I have never actively respected nature. By this I mean, I still consumed plastic bottles while travelling, used sanitary napkins , and the usual. The trigger came when it was upon me and my team to curate a workshop for Vajor which was meant for conscious  individuals, one which created an awareness and a trigger to start a zero waste lifestyle.

We ran our minds and came on board , Skrap, pioneers in waste management system for large scale events like Sunburn/ Bird Fest and so on. We started talking about how we shall bring random people sign up for the event and talk about why zero waste at first place, get them exposed to making their own makeup product and let them get involved in exciting stuff like composting than shoving lengthy articles. That said, we finally curated a sensible event for our Bangalore Vajor community. We had not expected such a warm response, when boys and girls, expecting mothers, toddlers, some 15-20 people turned up enthusiastically . More surprising was this group was already one step ahead in commencing their zero waste lifestyle, they knew composting, they knew how to reduce carbon footprints, they now needed more inputs to take it next notch.

(In Frame: Kavya)

Our Ninjas at Skrap took them through an amazing journey of segregating litter, we actually got them a]on all fours, made a pseudo trash box and everyone actually segregated waste in three categories. Things they considered could be recycled could not be ( for example a recyclable juice carton without washing cannot actually be recycled !! ) Such practical information was what the workshop was more immersive! The two hours stretched to three as we all got down to make our own non toxic deodorant (completely zero waste and divine smelling !! )

Apart from an immensely warm response, what should be remembered is awareness is most important and then is reinforcement. Our habits and lifestyle has got tuned to lot of plastic around us. At Vajor, our endeavour going forth is through our city workshops and escapes we promote that nature comes first and that every day is an Earth Day.

Let the conscious and. mindful Tribe grow !”

– Kavya Saxena HEAD Vajor Experiences

The ease and convenience of the modern society brings with it a multitude of modern problems and an impact on the environment that has lasting consequences. We all witness everyday the heaps of trash that we take out from our homes and yet only a few choose to do something about it.

To celebrate Earth Day this year, Vajor hosted its first conscious living experience at Bangalore in the form of a “Zero Waste” workshop for its equally conscious tribe of community members. The workshop, spearheaded by team ‘SKRAP’ (a Mumbai based firm that takes up projects of waste management and waste reduction for a sustainable and responsible living) , showcased a way of living that is sustainable, rooted and mindful and exhibited ways to help contribute towards healing the planet. Members who attended the workshop learnt ways of daily waste segregation and mindful consumption from experts in the field.

Here’s what the enriching and enlightening workshop offered to its eco-conscious individuals who attended:

– How to compost at home.

-Easy tips & tricks on reducing wastage in everyday life.

-How to make your own zero waste deodorant.


Vajor strives to make its own difference in the world and contribute towards the earth as much as possible. We are a bunch of incurable environment romantics and find ways to give back to the planet rather than taking away from it. ‘Live well by throwing away less’.

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